From: Suzette Livingston
Sundance, Wyoming
My hearing loss started before school did! For all of elementary school I sat in the front row to the right of the teacher so that my good ear could make up for the loss. I learned to function extremely well despite a nearly 80% hearing loss. It wasn’t until after I hit my forties that I began to see it as a problem. I purchased my first hearing aid just as soon as I could figure out how to afford one and oh, the difference it has made! One of the biggest benefits was for my daughter and me. She had a speech impediment that prevented her from forming some of her sounds and I had a hearing impairment that kept me from hearing her Thanks to her speech therapy and my hearing aid, we have both been able to adapt to the world and have no trouble communicating today! No one should ever be embarrassed to wear a hearing aid. Instead we need to rejoice that today, technology like NuEar allows us to live full lives.