I'm really happy with the results. The service is fair superior to the last dispenser I dealt with. My new devices are so much clearer in all situations and background sounds are not near as bothersome. I really appreciate everything Gary has done and Christy has been very helpful too. I really recommend anyone with hearing loss come here! You Bet!
Thomas Hueser, on Google
We found Dr. Kidder to be a most kind and gentle Doctor. VERY informative about my husband and my hearing problems. Soft spoken and boy does he pain attention. My beloved hubby has ringing in his ears so bad he can't hear me most of the time. The rest, he guess's at what I say. Because of some wax in his ear, he couldn't be tested fully. He was tested enough to give us both some hope. We have been told in the past that there was NO hope for my husband's hearing. "Ringing" in the ear is permanent. But I guess (and I will probably say it wrong so plz don't blame Dr. Kidder) that it is possible to help him hear above the ringing. I am sure I have said it wrong. But now we have some hope. I am SO grateful. I need hearing aides also. Shock shock. I have been so afraid of dementia and memory loss. I know I will mess this up also... not being able to hear, can cause ones brain to not function as it once did so memory (for instance) doesn't work well if one can't hear!!! Dang!! I can't wait to see how we do with hearing aides. This has been the neatest journey we have been on in a long time. For all my mistakes, blame me. Dr Kidder explained everything very well. I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Kidder.
Sherrie A Norman, on Google
Very professional and sincerely care about the patient. The inky downfall I have is having to male more trips then one. I wish you could get hearing test and get fitted for hearing aids the same day. I also gave my insurance info to someone and they neglected to pass it on ! So why take it! Otherwise, the Audiologist was amazing and knew hos craft. He explained on detail in easy to understand way. Very professional and just a super nice person! The gal at the desk was very helpful promptly acknowledged me. She was very helpful with processing insurance that somome else didn't do. Had a smile and she makes you fell welcome! Very nice lady! Id recommend this place over any other in Billings! In my opinion there is no better! Thank you and I wi see you at my next appointment and you are much appreciated . Overall you guys get tops marks! Please maybe reevaluate how rungs are done so several trips don't have to be made id like to get it all im one visit.
Andy, on Google
I was very worried about a problem I was having with my right ear so I called and made an appointment to go in and see what the problem could’ve been. I arrived at my appointment time and was seen right away. He did some tests and I found out that I was OK but I needed to go and see an ear nose and throat doctor because of ringing in my ear, and that I needed to get it checked out. I am very happy I went and had it done.
Bernardine Grays, on Google
It was well worth the time I felt comfortable and the hearing test was fast and simple I would refer them to anyone. Thank you
Thomas Sieler, on Google

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