I just want to say how pleased and grateful I am for the Hearing Aid Institute. I inherited a pair of fairly new aids and called one place to help me out with adjusting and they wanted $945. Well jeez, a few hundred more and I could buy new. I called these guys. They got me in in 2 days. Free hearing test and SIGNIFICANTLY lower fees for adjustment. They were soo nice and helpful. Al McLees showed me how to operate all the ins an outs of these new fangled gadgets. Available for follow-up too! Thank you all so much. I would highly recommend the Hearing Aid Institute!
Mike Peters, on Google
Was easy to set up an appointment in my town rather than traveling to Billings or another larger town. My appointment was with Al McLees. Everything was done in a professional and friendly manner. Very please with my hearing test.
Earl Mainwaring, on Google
Jaime is awesome and really helped me get my new molds when my old ones were sharp and hurting and every other place said that was the best they could do. She is extremely professional and provides a very high level of personal care, she listened to all my concerns and doesn’t complain with my “nitpicking” to get my hearing aids tuned exactly how I want them. 10/10 would recommend!
Stephen Halcott, on Google
I got an appointment with Jamie in Billings. She was very helpful through out the whole process. She was great about finding hearing aids that work for me and are affordable. She also explained my hearing loss and answered all my questions. If she couldn't answer them she found someone who could. I recommend her.
Bert Damm, on Google
Fitted for new hearing aids.Staff was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
Pat Nau, on Google

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